Do You Know Where Your Millions Are?

The desire to make money, and make a living is a core trait in human existence. Everybody appreciates the beauty of success, the availability of money, and life with ease. There is a big difference between wishing and realizing your wish.

On the other hand, the concept of money and life is quite complex. Most people tend to relish the idea making money is a simple idea, convinced by the words — work hard. These ideas are not wrong, they are, really, very true, and very correct. In line with these ideologies, it would be nice to indicate that making a living is not necessarily such a simple step.

I mentioned earlier that all human beings desire success. It would be nice to mention that when I mention all, I do not leave out clergy, and devoted people in religious congregations who teach that money is the root of all evil. Financial success to them still sparks a wider dimension of beauty. These believers laud lavish living, only if the money was earned ethically.

To achieve a goal in any quest, here being money — one should be ready to change their mindful perception of riches. Once you have changed your mind’s perception of what riches are, then you can effectively take steps to realize these goals. Our mindset is the biggest hindrance to making money.

On the other hand, life deals us with many different cards, many of which demand a very high degree of understanding to grasp their meaning.

When one is set to realize a magnificent financial success, they first get to earn a good amount of money, which throws them into the future projectile of their earnings. Their immediate perception is that one will be making such amounts of money immediately, and that lack is long forlorn.

Nothing could be further than the truth. I accommodate these ideas to highlight that for most men, perceived success is making money fast.


That is a lie.

One must be ready for incubation, with patience and perseverance. Forget about the moguls on YouTube who have made it to be worth 2 million dollars in a year like Khaby Lame. These are exceptions, but not the rule.

All of us can realize success if we put effort, and we persevere on a particular path of growth and improve ourselves every time. The earlier one begins their planning, the earlier he will realize his goals. This is the school of thought which informs making savings when one is at 20, to become a millionaire at 40, his savings will be considerably lower as compared to a person who begins their savings at 30.

I saw a meme today — they have become lessons for life to me — indicating that if one worked for a job paying a decent $100 per hour, and with good effort, he would have to work for 4167 years to amass a billion dollars. The meme highlights the element of time in making money

Once you have eliminated the cobwebs of financial awareness from your mind, then you can see the cleared path which you have to follow. The only remaining aspect of your success will be action.

In addition to having a clear idea in your mind, you will still need to put effort and force yourself to take the action, but for the better part of it all, you are halfway done.

Remember, the successful realization of an ideal is not limited to satisfying your needs. The analogy is that of a lion and an antelope. The gazelle outruns the lion because it is running for a purpose, whereas the lion is running to fulfill its need.

The purpose is in most cases tied to tasing an action that will change the lives of others and make planet earth better. Even on your deathbed, you will be glad of something you did well, you will have had your legacy.

Legacy is in most cases followed by money, and plenty of it. Amounts you never imagined your could ever have, or that one could have that much. But that will not tie you, because your heart is content with the accomplishments you have made, not the money or fans you have.



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